Fraser Spafford Ricci Art & Archival Conservation Inc. is a fine art conservation and restoration lab located south of Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in the restoration and preservation of art and archival material, and offer consulting services for private and corporate collectors, art dealers, insurance companies and cultural institutions.

From a valued family document to large collections of art, we provide the highest level of skill and knowledge in conservation treatment, balancing the preservation needs of objects with the practical requirement to repair and restore.

For small and large institutions, our conservators provide conservation assessments, collection conservation surveys, workshops on the care of art, historical and archival collections, and assistance in developing disaster preparedness plans.

Our conservators have university training in art conservation and over 40 years combined experience in the labs of public museums and archives. Clients will benefit from the collaborative efforts that various specialists in our lab bring to the conservation of paintings, paper and sculpture. Our lab offers specialized preservation mounting for art and memorabilia, encapsulation of documents and conservation picture framing. We make use of state-of-the-art techniques, materials and equipment to preserve the historic integrity, renew the artistic intent and extend the life of your objects.