General Information

At Fraser Spafford Ricci Art & Archival Conservation Inc., our goal is to preserve a work of art or archival record to extend its life and ensure its stability over time. To do this, we will clean, stabilize, repair, restore, improve storage protection, etc., for an object such as a treasured painting or a document. We have examined and conserved artworks and archival materials that have a wide range of values – from an irreplaceable work of art with sentimental value to an artwork that has financial value. We treat all objects with the same respect, and to each, apply the same high standard of conservation work.

Examinations and Proposals

We will examine art and archival material for condition and provide a brief hand-written conservation treatment proposal and estimate free of any charge. However, a fee will normally be charged if a detailed examination, assessment and formal written treatment proposal are required. This fee will be deducted from the invoice for any conservation work that is subsequently undertaken.

Visiting the Lab

Our office/lab hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday; however, we sometimes leave the lab to work at on-site projects. Please contact us to make an appointment by phone or email with a conservator prior to visiting. If you are not sure who to contact, send an email to our general mailbox at and one of our conservators will answer your request.

By Email

On occasion, we can provide a proposal and a general cost estimate based on good-quality images of the artwork and details of problem areas. If you email us, please indicate what you know of the artist name, title, media, and dimensions of the work, as well as your own description of the deterioration or damage. It is best to provide overall images of the front and the back, and detail(s) of the damaged or problem areas.

On-site Visits

Normally, if we visit you at your home or business to examine a work of art, an hourly rate will be charged. This fee will be deducted from the invoice for any conservation work that is subsequently undertaken.

Pickup and Delivery

We will locally pick-up and deliver artwork, providing wrapping or soft packing for the work as appropriate for a short-haul trip. Please contact us for pickup and delivery charges.

We receive works of art by local and international courier, and by fine art shippers, on a regular basis. Please visit our list of recommended art transportation companies.


We ask that clients insure their own artworks when they are in transit and in our lab.