The restoration of a 1933 Leman mural in the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

lemanThe mural, Before the White Man Came, is a familiar and much-loved painting positioned prominently in the rotunda of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

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Oil on Canvas: Painting of Chinese Village, ca.2000, 39 ¾” x 47 1/8″. Private owner.

painting-chinese-b Before Treatment: Painting was rolled when shipped from China and ground layer is brittle which resulted in severe horizontal cracks and deformation.

painting-chinese-aAfter Treatment: The painting is completely in-plane and appears as intended.

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Oil on Canvas: Landscape painting, Adamson, 14 x 28, n.d.

Acrylic on Canvas: Norville Morrisseau, 2003. 21″ x 31 ¾”. Private Owner.

painting-morrisseau-bBefore Treatment: Painting had frayed and deformed, tears and abrasions can be seen in raking light.

painting-morrisseau-aAfter Treatment: Tear was inpainted with a reversible media and rub removed.

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Oil on Canvas: “Moving Out”, P. Regehr, 24 ¼ x 18 1/8, n.d.

Oil on Canvas: “Mount Thule, Bylot Island”, Lawren Harris, 91.5 x 112.5 x 7.5 cm, framed, 1930. Public museum collection.

painting-thule-bBefore Treatment: This Group of Seven painting had a network of cracks through the entire surface with associated cleaving and flaking, which can be seen in raking light.

painting-thule-aAfter Treatment: The paintings stability, durability and image have been improved as can be seen in raking light.

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