Sarah Spafford-Ricci teaches “Storing Your Collection” workshop for museum professionals


Paola Merkins, of the Museum of Vancouver, shows proper storage methods used at the MOV.

Sarah Spafford-Ricci developed and delivered a workshop on museum and gallery storage to museum, gallery and archives professionals for the British Columbia Museum Association.  This workshop, held on April 15th, 2014 at the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) was directed at understanding the agents that cause deterioration of historic and art collections, and how to maximize collection preservation in long-term storage. Topics that were covered throughout the day included designing a storage space for preservation, storage furnishings, preparing artifacts and archival material for storage, mitigating effects of a disaster, condition reports, and storage materials and techniques for different materials and object types.  Lively discussion took place and the session included hands-on projects wherein participants made a padded hanger and encapsulated an archival document.  Sarah demonstrated techniques such as dry surface cleaning prior to storage, and storage mount preparation, and participants received a sample book of acceptable storage materials to take back to their institutions.


Participants learn how to make padded hangers for textile storage.
Participants learn how to make padded hangers for storage of hanging costume.
Sarah Spafford-Ricci demonstrates encapsulation techniques for protecting archival material.