54th Pacific Conservation Group Meeting Hosted by FSR

Friday June 1st, 2007

Sarah and Tara, FSR Principal Conservators, welcome PCG members. Michael Harrington, CCI, discusses CCI renewal. Elizabeth Czerwinski, Burnaby Village Museum, presents “The Restoration of the Village Museum’s Tram”.

9:15 – 9:30 Arrive
10:15 Announcements – Welcome to our Lab
10:30 Michael Harrington – Canadian Conservation Institute “CCI Update, Facilities, Policies and Initiatives”
11:15 Coffee
11:40 Andrew Todd – AT Conservators “Burnaby Mountain Sculpture Conservation Project”
12:10 Elisabeth Czerwinski – Burnaby Village Museum “Restoration of the Village Museum’s Tram”
12:35 Rosaleen Hill – Rosaleen Hill Conservation Services “Upcoming CAC Conference 2009”
12:45 Terri Sudeyko – Vancouver Art Gallery “Overview: VAG Conservation Digital Image Management System”
1:15 Carol Brynjolfson – Vancouver Museum Update of Museum Activities
1:30 Lunch
2:45 Christine Foster – FSR Conservation “Current Projects” – Overpaint Removal from a W.J. Morrice painting – Lining of a 19th C English landscape – Treatment of an 18th C portrait of Marie Antoinette Tara Fraser – FSR Conservation Working with Cyclododecane
3:30 Michael Harrington – Canadian Conservation Institute “CCI Training Framework: How can we deliver what you need?”
4:10 Closing Remarks

Terri Sudeyko, Vancouver Art Gallery, gives an overview of the VAG Conservation Digital Image Management System. Carol Brynjolfson, Vancouver Museum, gives an update of Museum activities.
Mediterranean style lunch buffet. Exploring various methods of cyclododecane applications.
Christine Foster, FSR Paintings Conservator, discusses a current FSR treatment. Rosaleen Hill works with cyclododecane.
Christine Foster, FSR, demonstrates overpaint removal with Carol Brynjolfson. Tara Fraser of FSR, George Field and Jane Hutchins.
Testing cyclododecane at the FSR washing sink, Andrew Todd at right.
Michael Harrington and Barry Byers. FSR’s Sarah Spafford Ricci gives a tour of lab organization.
Kathy Bond, Margarita Villanueva and Heidi Swierenga test the effectiveness of cyclododecane. Michael Harrington, CCI, discusses CCI’s Training Framework.